Hello, world! I am Melissa Siig, a mother of three who lives in the Sierra mountains in Lake Tahoe, California. I am also a journalist, a memoir writer (in progress) and a movie theater owner. The Three Ms could stand for many things: my name, my three munchkins (ages 12, 10 and 6), my memoir. But here, they symbolize the three areas that make me who I am today: motherhood, mountains, and movies. I have lived in the mountains for 15 years, been a mother for 12, and a movie theater owner for two. Somehow, they all interconnect and inform each other, and I learn from all three. I hope you will join me as I explore the intersection of these three Ms. It’s no coincidence that an upside-down M is a W, so you will also find me discussing the writing life as I transition from journalism to memoir writing and struggle to sit down and work on my book (just write, dam it!). You might also find me expounding on the beauties of dark chocolate, puffy jackets, and my very large, sweet German shepherd Coco.